Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Masking Tape Background

Okay ...you knew I had to make this a little "funky" ....this is something fun to play with and get messy with ...have fun!!!!You will need:Masking TapePlastic Place Mat (or other nonporous surface)White GessoWaterBrushesWatercolor paintCardstock1. First apply the long strips of masking tape to the place mat (mine as you can see is the states map). Place the strips as close as possible.2. Now brush on the Gesso with the paint brush randomly onto the masking tape, you can also leave some places uncovered. You can also try dropping watered-down gesso onto the tape and then letting that dry in place. You can let the Gesso dry before moving on the the next step or leave the Gesso wet to allow the colors to mix...3. Next, paint with watercolors whatever color you want onto the strips... the messier you are the better ...once the paint is dry, peel back the strips of tape from the placemat and adhere to the cardstock...I got this awesome idea from the book "Scraptastic" by Ashley Calder ...i just love her work!!!!


Sandy said...

Great technique!! I think I'll try this when I get home. Glad to see you back posting.