Sunday, January 6, 2013

Birds of a feather January Kit

I have a new addiction ...washi tape ...not tooooo sticky ....just right!!!!
You can get some in the Birds of a Feather store right here:
This tape is just awesome because it is so on trend right now with the chevron and the color goes with orange, pink and red ...just right for this kit!!!!
Here are some fun things that I did with the washi tape!!!
First, I made this page with the washi tape going down the middle of the page to set off my new running shoes!!! And used one of the photograms behind my picture, free hand cut out some arrows to give the page some movement, dated the page today because I went for a run this morning and tried out my new shoes:

 I took some instagram pictures in New Orleans about a month ago and we stayed in this big mansion of a house so I thought that this kit would work like a dream with these photos and this paper has lots of room for journaling!!!
I used the chipboard hexagon pieces as templates to cut out other pattern papers to attach to this page and then covers some of the chipboard with the washi tape (love this stuff ...wait for my tutorial!!)
I also took the flower apart and made two flowers and added the paper button to the middle of the big flower.

 And I made these cute little cards from the photograms ....