Monday, April 21, 2008

Scrap Etc. was the BOMB!!!

Okay ...that was the best Scrapbooking event I have ever been to ...and i have been to a few (LOL)...but to take classes from Heidi Swapp, Jenni Bowlin, Velna and all the other cool teachers and all the wonderful classes that we took ...were all the COOLEST!!!

I have to finish up some DT stuff from Serendipity this week and then i am going to complete those projects ...this really gave me the mojo to scrapbook....meeting and seeing the Scrap & Style girls were the best ..and being able to buy their stuff and at 20% off was the best!!!

First, Sandy's wonderful husband took us to the airport (at 4am) and then we got on the plane, got checked in the the beautiful Gaylord and then loaded on a bus and went shopping with 27 other gals ....first we stopped at two LSS and then they said ...sit back and relax and have cocktail or two or three ..because we are going to the Scrap in Style "WAREHOUSE" ...well, we start driving into a residential area and houses start getting bigger & BIGGER and then we stop at this house ...and all I can say is WOW!!! So, i am looking around for this warehouse and we come around the corner of the house and her whole garage is full of the most up to date scrapbooking product I have ever seen and just my style ...!!!

Then, we went out to dinner at the coolest restaurant and we got prizes and more prizes and more prizes ...and got a lot of wonderful stuff from all the gals on the bus!!!

Then, the next morning we went on the COOLEST tour of Nashville ...The Nash Trash Tour ...
can you tell we had lots of fun!!!

Next , we got checked into the event and then the fun really got started....


Katrine said...

You have all the fun! Good for you!